Tools for Captains and Players

Tools for Captains and Players

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 03:40PM EDT

Participants who register for a team have certain built-in functions on their team profiles.  A team player or captain can access these functions by logging into from the site homepage.

Tools for Team Players


The dashboard lists all of the teams a team player belongs to in current and past programs.  For each team, a team player has the option to pay any dues that are owed.  When placing the cursor over a team, an icon will appear with two options to choose from: Edit Registration Details and Visit Team Page.

  1. Edit Registration Details - Edit the form fields that were filled out during registration.
  2. Visit Team Page
  • Team Profile - this page contains information related to the team, including team price structure, payment activity, and the teamâ??s schedule.  On the right side of the page, there is a Roster Summary that lists every player on the team and their payment status.  As a captain, you can toggle on and off to change any playerâ??s payment status.  Both captains and team players can also message an individual player, but ONLY IF the player has a spot reserved on the team.
  • Message Team - This option allows captains and team players to message their entire team roster.
  • Roster - This page shows the team roster.  Captains can see additional tools to choose from here.


Players can manage all of their invoices here. They can pay any outstanding balances owed, or track receipts for payments that were already made.


Players can edit their profile by uploading a profile photo, as well as editing any information filled out when creating a LeagueApps member account. 

Additional Tools for Captains

  • Captain can edit team name
  • Captain can invite players to team
  • Captain can manually and directly add players to team
  • Players can register directly for team, and be approved by captain


Captains can place their cursor over the team they are a captain of.  An icon will appear with three options to choose from: Edit Registration Details, Visit Team Page, and Manage Team Roster.
  1. Edit Registration Details
  2. Visit Team Page - Click Edit Team Profile and upload an image for a Team Photo.  Captains can also edit their Team Details, including Team Name, Headline, and Description.
  3. Manage Team Roster - Add Players, Send Invites, and manage any Pending Invites & Requests.  Additionally, captains can edit a player's Required (but not optional) registration form fields, even for pending/invited players who have not yet finished their registration.

Generating Member Cards

Captains and co-captains can generate member cards for their teams. Captains can do so by clicking on the 'print' icon on their team profile page (in their Roster Summary section). 

Free Agent Member Matching

Team Captains have the ability to find free agents and add them to their teams. Captains can view and browse the list of free agents in a program and invite any player to join their team.  

A Captain can follow the steps below to invite free agents:
  1. Go to their League Profile page, then sort by Free Agent role. This allows the captain to view the entire free agent pool.
  2. The captain can then click the "Invite to Team" button next to a player to invite them.
Be sure to read our blog post on Free Agent Member Matching to learn about the benefits of the feature.

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